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Family law is the set of legal norms that regulate the personal and patrimonial relations of the members that make up the family, in the middle of themselves and with respect to third parties.

Team of lawyers specialized in Family Law is specialized in divorces, compensatory pension and food, visitation, allocation of family housing, etc … and any other matter related to Family Law.

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Contentious divorce

The contentious divorce procedure is regulated in articles 769 and following of the Civil Procedure Law.

After the reform introduced by Law 15/2005, of July 8, which modifies the Civil Code and the Law of Civil Procedure in matters of separation and DIVORCE, it is sufficient that one of the spouses does not want the continuation of the marriage so that he can request the divorce, without the other being able to oppose the petition and without the Judge being able to reject the petition, except for procedural reasons.

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Therefore, the consent of the other spouse is not necessary to file a divorce petition.

When this absence of consent of the other partner occurs and it is not possible to reach a following agreement, it is necessary to initiate a contentious divorce procedure, in which a Judge will decide on all those matters in which the spouses have not agreed.

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The proceedings begin with the filing of a petition for divorce or contentious separation, which may contain the request for provisional measures if they understand that the circumstances advise. They will advise you in the most beneficial way for you our divorce lawyers.

The Judge will set a date for the hearing, which should be attended by the assisted parties of the lawyer and attorney.

After holding the hearing, the Judge will issue a ruling that will include the dissolution of the marriage and the rules that will govern the relations between the spouses from that moment.

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Mutual Agreement Divorce

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The divorce by mutual agreement or friendly is that which occurs at the request of both spouses, and one with the consent of the other.

The procedure to process the divorce by mutual agreement is regulated in article 777 LEC:

“Separation or divorce petition filed by mutual agreement by both spouses or by one with the consent of the other shall be processed by the procedure established in this article.”

The procedure provided for in this article, does not require cause for the petition for divorce, only the term requirement, which must be three months from the date of the marriage.

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