Family Sponsorship Lawyer Ronen Kurzfeld Speaks About the Reasons for Spousal Applications Getting Refused

Spousal sponsorship is actually a Canadian immigration program which is a blessing for many people.  With the help of this program, spouses can immigrate to Canada. The Government of Canada is known to receive thousands of application each and every year.  However, not each one of them have positive outcome.

Family sponsorship lawyer Ronen Kurzfeld mentions that spousal sponsorship program comes under the Family class of immigration program. It receives enormous amount of application every year but some of these applications have been waiting for over 8 years. This is due to the backlog which has been accumulating over the years.

It is important to have a complete understanding of the spousal sponsorship process if you have to immigrate to Canada successfully. For this you can take the help of family sponsorship lawyer Ronen Kurzfeld. Take a look at the reasons why your spousal sponsorship might be rejected.

You have Been Sponsoring Yourself

In case you wish your Spouse to opt for immigration to Canada, you need to keep in mind that it should be at least five years before you can sponsor.  This is only when you have been sponsored by some permanent citizen of Canada previously. If this is the matter, you will have to wait for five years and then apply for the spousal sponsorship program.

Received a Financial Assistance from Government

Family sponsorship lawyer Ronen Kurzfeld states that in case you have taken any kind of loan or some sort of financial assistance from the government after obtaining the permanent resident, your application is going to be rejected. The reason is that Immigration, Citizenship, and Multicultural department experts expect the applicants to be stable in financial aspect so that he/she can not only support himself/herself but also the dependents. In case you have taken any governmental loans, it will prove that you will have some problems meeting the requirements in the past. Thus, it becomes doubtful whether you will be able to support the incoming immigrant.

Sponsored Someone Previously and Failed to Support

There is something which represents your potential and reliability to support the sponsored. In case you have sponsored someone previously and have not been able to provide financial support then it is highly likely that the application will be refused. Nonetheless, there are ways to make the immigration officer believe in you that the situation has changed. Family sponsorship lawyer Ronen Kurzfeld states that the immigration expert is the best person that you can talk about in this case.  This is because the person will be able to tell you what documents you will require to get the immigration office confident about your financial standing.

Defaulted on the Immigration Loan

If you have defaulted then it is surely something to worry about. It will weaken you case and will show that you have some financial problems which debilitate the abilities that you plan fulfilling. Family sponsorship lawyer Ronen Kurzfeld says that there is a great chance that you are going to be confused with the refusal till you can there was some genuine reason that you made late payment or missed the date. Again, you also have to prove that you have own source of income and you will be able to support your sponsored immigrants.

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